10 Thoughful Ideas for 1 Euro

Spare Change for the Big Guy

  1. Get a Skype account and call an old friend or relative: Skype allows you to call anobody world wide for only 2-4 cents a minute. Its always feels nice to a get call from old acquaintance. Who knows, you might sparkle their busy day.
  2. Buy a candy bar for a friend/loved one: It’s always nice to get an inexpensive gift from a person close to you. It lets them know that you thought of them.
  3. Leave it in the change slot of candy machines at orphanages or old people housing: you’d be amazed how deligthed children and elders get from finding free money, even if its just an euro.
  4. Tip a nice waitress/bartender: servicemen can be jackasses, so its always thoughtful paying a little extra for those that put effort in their work.
  5. Give it to a very young relative as a reward: little cousins and brothers are always grateful to sometimes get rewards as result of their good actions.
  6. Offer to buy an old lady’s bus ticket: this one might cost you more a bit cause ones dealing with a stranger, so if you are a bit shy by nature, only do it when you have an old lady directly behind you. Don’t ask her, just pay the busman directly, she’ll sure be thankful for it.
  7. Extend the timer of someone else expired park-o-meter: getting a parking ticket sucks, it can be the spark that turns a regular day into a frenzied one. So if you can lighten up someone’s day, why not?
  8. Toss it in a fountain: empty fountains give the impression of lack of hope. Besides there are many fountains whose money intake goes directly to charity.
  9. Give it to the homeless: sure he might be crazy out of his mind or use it to buy some more drugs, but deep down giving money to the homeless show kindness towards the human inside everyone of us.
  10. Give it to a street musician: if you are not comfortable giving your euro to the homeless, give it to a street musician. After all, some street musicians can be really nice people and all of them put work to earning themselves a living.

Sure, some might argue that most of these ideas are altruistic and wont bring one inmediate benefits. But maybe that’s just what this chaotic, mercantilistic world needs: more altruistic actions.

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