Hate School?? CLICK HERE

Us. And by us I mean us young people. Us young people and our eternal struggle to live a balanced life. Or at least that´s what were “supposed” to be after, right?

Good grades, good body, and good friends…

Better yet – OK grades, rock hard body, and millions of friends….

Now… The reason I am writing this is because I am outraged at the current education system´s incompetence and its unwillingness to help balance a student´s life.

The great majority of students usually excel at one or two of these aspects… but can almost never maintain all three.

If you get top notch grades It means you take time to study and probably love coffee. It also means you can’t afford going out that often and find it hard to maintain an exercise routine.

If you are all about the party It means you probably have below average grades and sleep little. Also, hangovers and late nights don’t usually mix well with exercise.

If you are all about sports It means every extra hour on the field is one less hour hitting the books. On the plus side, you can always enjoy the occasional party and show off that body.

So there exists a three directional pull on student’s activities and the result of that pull will determine his future personality and lifestyle. If trying to balance all three aspects is a hard and confusing task by itself…. add the NOISE that sorrounds us all and you get pure chaos. Chaos and noise… what the modern age is all about.

The hours spent procrastinating inside continents of Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, and Wikipedia; that are all form part of that wonderful planet called the Internet.

The nights spent in front of the TV or computer watching countless programs, brainless reality shows and awesome network series.

The days spent traveling the World of Warcraft, scoring goals on FIFA or shooting terrorists in Call of Duty.

Yes… the noise is fun.  Yes… the noise requires very little effort. And yes… the noise is very addicting.

While the noise does serves as an escape to every day worries and problems, it more often serves as an excuse to avoid doing useful things with your time. Unlike the noise, useful things like studying, building relationships and exercise require real effort.

“Effort”, a word thats rapidly losing its value and gaining a negative connotation in the minds of new generations. New generations that constantly look for ways to cheat effort, because effort can be uncomfortable.

Cheat exercise – by taking diet pills, buying TV machines, or having an operation.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Cheat social life– by living in WOW , Facebook , or videogames.                                                                                                                                            Cheat studies – by copy/pasting, ADHD pills or plagiarism.

Now, I am not saying cheating from time to time is bad… we all do it occasionally. It´s just that every time you cheat, you are also unknowingly limiting your own potential for personal growth. Thus when cheating becomes ¨regular¨ habit, your human potential also becomes ¨regular¨.

My words probably sound a lot older than my current age… but i’d be dammed if there isn’t truth in each and everyone of them. Call me an idealist but

Why can’t more of us be like that lucky 15%? That lucky 15% of students that are intelligent, exercise and still find time to party.

Why does the education system revere intelligent students, when maybe they are just covering up their loneliness with studies?

Why do colleges revere talented athletes, when their IQ can sometimes be that of a kid?

Why does pop media revere party animals, when in reality their lives tend to be extremely bipolar?

If our education system truly promotes a balanced lifestyle, why does only 15% of their students ever achieve it?

I`ll tell you why… because it´s easier for educators to produce athletes, academics, and party animals than to produce well-rounded human beings. And looking at how fucked up the society and parenting of today is… I don´t blame them.


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2 responses to “Hate School?? CLICK HERE

  1. Paola

    Wow Coco!! I have to ask you parents for the magical formula to raise a family like yours, wich may be doesnt have the perfect athlete, the perfect student or the soul of the party, better than that have a young man like you: a person with ‘brain’!, a young person with your own ideas and the well hability to expres them, a person with strong principles and values than doesnt lose your time and try hard to achive every moment and experience. Congratulation boy! You got the point! We need human beings with a good capacity to think! So keep thinking!!
    A hug from PR!! Pao

  2. Mayte

    Siendo mama con hijos en edad escolar ….Definitivamente estoy de acuerdo con tu articulo y me identifico …. Hoy en dia que dificil es educar a nuestros hijos con tantas distracciones y tantas. Demandas a nivel escolar…. Yo simplemente quiero … Hijos equilibrados y felices !!!!!!!!!

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