The Secret of Self-deception

The secret has traveled centuries... to reach you...

With these inspiring words and promises of a better future;  the Secret has the potential to make your life better. Make your life better not by learning powerful secrets… but through a little trick psicologist call “self-deception”. You see, The Secret does transmit universal truths… but so do novels and self-help books.

Novels: transmit their truth by telling a story. A story teaches it’s reader through its characters, trama and events.

Self-Help books: transmit their truth through a program. A program that teaches it’s reader through psychological studies and motivational quotes.

The Secret: transmits it truth through a belief. A belief that teaches it’s reader through uncoventional anecdotes, unproven theories and mysticism.

The central belief of The Secret is the power of  the “gravity of thought”. According to the book, we humans have the power to attract what we want through thoughts. So if I wanted to become a guitarist, all I have to do is to constantly think about being a guitarist. More times I think about becoming a guitarist, the more likely I will become one. Up till here everything seems resonable. Sticking an idea into our head is the first step into making it come true.

But then, The Secret’s author lets her imagination run wild when trying explain the power of thoughts. She says thoughts are like radio waves that travel the unvierse in order to attract our desired object. The more thoughts we have, the more powerful the our “pull” on the desired object. *Note: this theory is afterwards corraborated by unrealible scientists, mystic gurus, and personal anecdotes.

The way I see it, if the “gravity of thoughts” were to be real then:

Perverts would get all the action the world.

Millions wouldn’t die of starvation.

For every man there’d be a Megan Foxx

And George W. Bush would be a donkey

Thus the major flaws in the Secret’s argument are that its has little scientific data, biased “professional” opinions and relies too much on anecdotes. With almost no scientific data, many of the Secret’s theories are just that: theories. The mayority of the professional quotes inserted come from colleagues of the author: again not the most reliable source. And finally, the arguments of the Secret depend too much on extraordinary personal anecdotes. They are extraordinary for a reason: they seldomly occur.

All in all, there is really just one secret found in this mystical book: we all have the potential to obtain what we want.

Sure we can think a lot about something, become obssesed about “it”and finally obtain it. But that doesn’t mean there were any supernatural forces at work. Rather than believing in some mysterious gravitational force powered by our thought, isn’t just easier to believe in our own willpower.

That “willpower” we all possess and command. That willpower that is put in better use by reading good books and novels, than by filling our heads with mystical make-believe theories.


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