Dam! The Internet is a Small Place!

I normally wouldn´t post this. But this  is a story worth telling. A story that shows us just how small the world really is… and just how small Google has made the Internet.

Our family boat - 1996

The sailboat me and my family lived on during 1996; where we got together for dinner and slept each night. Our international house that travelled almost every island in the Lower Caribbean and Venezuela. A country were time didn´t exist and the strength and direction of the wind was the only thing that mattered.  Yep, that year aboard the sailboat gave us memories and awesome pictures to last a lifetime.


14 years later...

Where we in the boat when the gust of winds picked up? When the waves battered the casket like the hooves of a thousand horses?  We most certainlay weren´t. Because fate, life (or whatever else you call it) had other plans for us. My parents sold the boat to couple of Polish/Canadians back in 1999. And they were the ones vacationing in Grenada when the Hurricane Ivan hit the island in 2004.

How then, did we find out about our beloved sailboat´s demise?

The Internet. While navigating the web one day, my dad found a hurricane news article with our boat´s name in it. We each gave it our own personal goodbyes and thought that was it. We would never see our boat again. That was how we felt for 6 years… until yesterday.

¨The Kapsis Wreck¨ as it´s known now


Apparently, our boat was found by a couple of Grenada scuba divers a couple of years ago and since then has become a diving attraction for tourists. That bring us to the present, when my family did that which we once thought impossible: we saw our beloved Kapsis once more. Although saddening, these news have also brought joy and light to our hearts. Never would we have imagined that our  year-long home would one day become a tourist sight.

And even more unimaginable was that we found out about our sailboat´s fate through random chance in the Internet. It´s one of those stories that remind one of just how small the world really is. And how Internet is doing a great job at making it even smaller.

20 years ago, without the Internet such an ocurrence would have been impossible. And even 12 years ago, when the digital era began, finding such news in the giant mass of Internet information would have been unlikely, to say the least. But it´s 2010, and search engines such as Google and Yahoo have really brought all the Internet´s information closer to us, the users. Thus the technological advances of the last couple years have not only made the world a smaller place, but the Internet as well.

The digital information of today is just closer and more easily accesible than ever. So while the size of the Internet database will always be on the rise, the way we perceive this database as individuals will each day be smaller, closer and more personal. Until we reach a day where wasting hours paging through useless  Internet information will be a thing of the past.

Kapsis (1995-2004)

The name Kapsis comes from an ancient Mayan myth. In it, Kapsis was the name of a native princess. A native princess that loved staring at the stars so much the turtle god decided to turn her into a sea star. That way she could stare at the stars underwater for rest of time.


Special credit and thanks to my dad [ and family = ) ]

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