The Ego behind Facebook

First of all,  happy new year’s to everydody.  My readers, my family and friends. Vacations were awesome, thus no time for posts.


To kick start the year I would like to examine 2010 Time Person of the Year, Mark Zuckelberg. Who’s the man behind Facebook, the second fastest growing company in the world? A question that is, economically at least, worth noting.

This image is property of TIME Magazine Corp.

How does the 2010 movie “Social Network” portray, the then 20 year-old, founder of Facebook?

In the movie Mark Zuckelberg is portrayed as an ambitious, fearless genius. He is also displayed as a bit of an asshole. Applying my three years of psychological studies here’s what we get as far as personality.

Using Eynseck’s famous three traits of personality: Zuckelberg is

  • introverted: self-centered
  • non-neurotic: low in emotions
  • and non-psychotic: low on the mind’s happy chemical – dopamine (sucks for you dude)

Using Heymans and Le Senne´s Characterology Theory:

Zuckerberg was born a sanguineous

  • low on emotions
  • compelled to action
  • not inhibited by the norms or expectations of society
  • likes to live on the present (weak on long-term friendships)
  • doesn´t relate well with sentimentalists.

But then again, it’s a movie. So chopping off the dramatic elements, lets look at the facts for a clearer picture.

  • His inspiration for ¨Facebook¨ came from a group of fellow classmates at Harvard. He wanted to work alone, and work by himself he did. Later, when his fellow classmates sued him for intellectual theft, Zuckerberg paid them $65 million.
  • Facebook´s co-founder, Eduardo Saverin was the one who initially financed the proyect ($19,000) and was promised a 24% share. In a sneaky maneuver, Zuckerberg later reduced Eduardo´s share to less than 10%. (by selling more shares). Eduardo Saverin sued Mark Zuckerberg and settled for a undisclosed amount of money (around $200 million – would be my guess)

Turns out, the Ego behind Facebook is a bit of an egoist himself.

Morale of the story:

  1. Teamwork is for suckers (unless that team is working for you)
  2. Stay close to those who are useful (cut off those who aren´t)
  3. Egoism and money (a winning combination)


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Also, you don’t want to miss next week’s post – Review of George Friedman’s  2009 book “The Next 100 years

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