Tears and Bob Marley

40 YEARS, 10 days ago a Legend was born.

Nesta Robert “Bob” Marley died of melonoma at the Miami University Hospital the morning of May 11, 1981. After 8 months of unsuccesfully fighting the disease at a German clinic, Bob Marley had arrived at the Miami Airport the day before. Having accepted death, Marley´s last wish was to pass away in his native island of Jamaica. His last words to his son Ziggy — ¨Money can’t buy life¨.

The legendary reggae singer is best known for happy, cheerful songs such as ¨One Love¨ , ¨I Shot the Sheriff¨, ¨Three Little Birds¨, and countless others. As part of my tribute to his music, instead of focusing on the rebel and legend known by all, I wish show a part of Bob Marley known by few.

Here is a list of litttle-known Bob Marley songs. They are sad songs from a deep soul. Its their profound sadness and reflection that gives them strength. The best way to truly understand an artist, or any person for that matter, is by knowing them in both joy and pain. In moments of happiness and sorrow. Here are the tears Bob Marley shed for love.

Send me that Lovewatch?v=0n7mjIZl3c8

Chances Arewatch?v=y49zZhNMIEk

Johnny Waswatch?v=ZMbgM8O5TjI

There She Goeswatch?v=91Fym1x2k3A

Cry To Mewatch?v=lfaprIMuUmo

High Tide or Low Tidewatch?v=0qvJE_edLxA

She’s Gonewatch?v=DMkasTMiJBI

And here is a personal favorite of mine. While it doesn’t stand out instrumentally, the words more than make up for it.

Thank You Lordwatch?v=voPE1GaKTjU


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