How to make lots of $$$?

The million dollar question that is on everyone´s mind, because lets be real, WHO doesn´t want to be a millionaire?

I present to you, a simple solution to this very complex question:

Ways to earn money

  1. Fast-lane jobs
  2. Chance/Luck
  3. Work

Fast-lane jobs(Star athletes, Wall Street…) are only available to small portion of us mortal beings. FAST earnings usually induce BIG spending, which in turn leads many star athletes and Wall Street workers in Bankruptcy Alley. (Tyson and company)

Chance/Luck(Inventors, lottery winners, heirs) only a very small portion of inventions are profitable (1%). And most of us aren’t born into rich families. Then again, there always the possibility that Luck will come knocking on your door (Zuckerberg & Facebook)…. or of you winning the lottery. But keep in mind that for every 1 lucky winner, there are 99 unlucky losers.

Work: the least glamorous path to success, but by far, the most secure option available to the average citizen. I will focus my article on this path to success. My advice: keep your door open to Luck, but also work hard, just in case Luck never comes.

A Simple Truth

  • Money ———> Material Power
  • Inner Power ———> Money

So if you want material power but don’t have money, the first step is to work on your inner power. And by inner power, I mean your inner-self.

Whats the answer to achieving Inner Power?

– Scroll down and read the title of the entry below –

That’s right.

It’s that simple.

We have all heard famous quotes like “Knowledge is power” or “Knowledge will set you free”, yet most of us don’t appreciate the LIBERATING POWER behind these quotes. The majority of people choose to wander through life blindly, while holding on to a guide dog named “Themedia”.

Where is “Themedia” leading us, we don’t know. Why is “Themedia” barking, we don’t know. And sadly, most people are content to just be walking.

Another methapor.

Most people are like a pawns on the chessboard. Blindly walking forward, one step at a time. ALL of them, totally dispensable.

My question: why settle for being pawns, when we can be kings?

In Conclusion

Ancient wise men wrote their knowledge into books. These “ancient” books helped future men become wise and create more knowledge. This tradition of passing down knowledge has being going on for more than 3,000 years.

Books used to be very expensive and only available to rich, powerful men. Books are now cheap and available for all to read. Now, if you choose to only read “new” books, then you are only licking the frosting of the Knowledge cake. If you get past the frosting, and start eating THE cake, your Inner Power will grow. You will start to see.

The more Cake you eat, the farther you will see. Better eyesight equals more chances of spotting good opportunities. The more opportunities you spot, the bigger your chances of success. And with success comes money*.


* Most of the time. If not, at least you will become wise.

Wise men don’t need to be rich, in order to be happy.

And isn’t happiness, what life is really all about? **


** Or maybe, the Founding Fathers should have wrote

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Money”

“Life, Slavery and the pursuit of Sex”

“Vice, Liberty and the pursuit of Fame”

“Life, Liberty and the avoidance of Work”

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