Political Parties: an Unnecessary Evil

Why eliminating political parties is a big step towards a brighter tomorrow.

First off… has there been a democracy without political parties?

Yes, the United States of America (1789 – 1797) During his two terms as President, George Washington didn’t approve the foundation of political parties.


Well, the Father of the USA believed that the creation of political parties would inevitably lead to the birth of party interest.

What’s wrong with party interests?

That in the proccess of decision-making, politicians often overlook the interests of the country, in favor of the interests of their own political party. In other words, what used to be:

“Governnment of the people, by the people, for the people”

is now

“Government of the people, by the people, for the party”.

Priorities of a political party

  1. Winning votes.
  2. Working on re-election.
  3. Defending party interests.
  4. Solving the nation’s problem.

So we, as a people, complain. We look all around us and say “Why the #$% aren’t things being done to clean up this financial mess? Later, when we are tired of complaining, we kick back and turn on the TV.

There, a CNN reporter is evaluating the financial crisis: “Well Tom, it looks like the US debt is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down.”

Then some “expert” comes on and says “Another month goes by, and no real measures are taken to tackle the economic crisis. Both Democrats and Republicans seem unwilling to compromise and take politically incorrect decisions.” We have all heard the term “politically incorrect”…

What does “politically incorrect” mean?

A “politically incorrect” decision, is a decision that is unfavorable for a political party (results in the loss of votes or support).  What is good for the party can be harmful for the country (and vice versa). Thus, important decisions that should be taken NOW – are delayed undefinetly. Because solving the problems of the nation is priority # 4, not priority #1.

In conclusion

The financial crisis will not be solved, until either:

  1. A political party makes a politically incorrect decision. (fat chance)
  2. We eliminate political parties

We, as a people, must ask ourselves:

What is more important:

Protecting our political party?


Protecting our nation’s future?


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4 responses to “Political Parties: an Unnecessary Evil

  1. Once again great post.
    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – JH

  2. mbaez15

    So true!! Political parties are doing us and our countries more damage than good!… There is no need for them. We should vote on people for their capacities and not their political parties!

  3. Very true! Political parties are doing us so much harm!

  4. Puerto Rico es un ejemplo de el dano que hacen los partidos políticos, siempre envueltos en su lucha partidista!!
    En un articulo de el Nuevo dia el Sr Luis Romero Font padre del joven Julian Romero Rodriguez de 21 anios que estudiaba justicia criminal y fue apunalado en abril en una playa en el Condado, nos da un ejemplo de que apesar de que las entidades gubernamentales no han sido efectivas al combatir y prevenir los crimenes, existen personas con Fe y determinacion de hacer un cambio. El Sr Luis Romero esta en Campana activa contra la violencia creando una entidad que busca promover iniciativas y estragias para la lucha contra la violencia.
    Iniciativas como la del El Sr Luis Romero son las que nos inspiran a promover los cambios que se necesitan.
    Puerto Rico se merece algo mejor y estoy 100% de acuerdo en que los partidos politicos actualmente lo que buscan esta muy lejos de ser el bien de su pueblo. Basta Ya!! Comenzemos a crear iniciativas como la de el Sr Luis Romero por que queremos un mejor futuro para nuestros hijos!!

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