Lady Gaga speaks to her Monsters

So? You mistrust me? You are angry with me, you beautiful monsters? Are you afraid that I might betray your secret entirely? Well, then be angry with me! Raise your dangerous green bodies as high as you can! Make a wall between me and the sun – as you do now! Verily,  even now nothing is left of the world but green dusk and green light flashes. Carry on as you please, you pranksters; roar in delight and malice – or dive again, pouring your emeralds into the deepest depths, and cast your endless white manes of foam and spray over them – everything suits me well, for everything suits you so well, and I am so well disposed toward you for everything: how could I think of betraying you! For – heed it well! – I know you and your secret, I know your kind! You and I – are we not of one kind? You and I – do we not have one secret?

(excerpt from Gay Science, Nietzsche 1882)

The secret? – More and more people are lost or empty inside.

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