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1. The Elder Paradox

Pointless... isn´t it?

“As I am now, you soon shall be.”

A timeless quote about our brief existence… If old people wandering through the streets like lost souls makes you sad, shouldn´t you be even sadder that one day that lost soul might be you?

That one day, you might stumble upon what used to be blessing… but is now a curse. That instead of being respected, admired, looked after, when you get old your mere existence becomes a burden. A burden to society. A burden to your family. A burden fewer, fewer people are… click to finish reading

2. The Secret of Self-deception

The secret has traveled centuries... to reach you

With these inspiring words and promises of a better future;  the Secret has the potential to make your life better. Make your life better not by learning powerful secrets… but through a little trick psicologist call “self-deception”. You see, The Secret does transmit universal truths… but so do novels and self-help books.

Novels: transmit their truth by telling a story. A story teaches it’s reader through its characters, trama and events.

Self-Help books: transmit their truth through a program. A program that teaches it’s reader through psychological studies and motivational quotes.

The Secret: transmits it truth through a belief. A belief that teaches it’s reader through uncoventional anecdotes… click to finish reading

3. Review ¨The Next 100 Years¨

Highlights of the Next Century

Goverments paying inmigrants to come in? World War III? Mexico as a superpower? These are just a handful of predictions from George Friedman´s bestselling book ¨The Next 100 Years¨. Friedman is the Texan founder and CEO of STRATFOR, the world´s leading private intelligence company.

So with a clear mind and open eyes, let´s take a glimpse at what the future might have in store… click to finish reading

4. Hate School?? CLICK HERE

The Digital Student Paradigm

Us. And by us I mean us young people. Us young people and our eternal struggle to live a balanced life. Or at least that´s what were “supposed” to be after, right?

Good grades, good body, and good friends… Better yet – OK grades, rock hard body, and millions of friends….

Now… The reason I am writing this is because I am outraged at the current education system´s incompetence and its unwillingness to help balance a student´s life… click to finish reading

5. Utopia vs. Society and Catholic traditions

Human Fraternity Above all Else

Utopia, a book written about that a perfect society. Sadly, 500 years into the future, we are still far from achieving such a thing. The world is still full of the same war, poverty, hatred and tiranny that Thomas More observed in 16th century England. Since More´s Utopia is based on the non-existence of money and the sharing of goods (socialist ideals) many of his proposal´s are irrelevant in the capitalist world of today. I will thus focus on: 

Ten Utopian proposals that are applicable in a capitalistic society.  (some will shock you… trust me)

1. Catholic clerical marriage

2. Few laws and no lawyers click to finish reading

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