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Im sorry… not really. Wanna see how small you are?

  • If the human race = 1
  • You = 0.00000000014285 (thats 9 zeros)
And as you read this article, that number will only keep getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. (due to the rising world population)

Which leads 2-2 questions…

  1. How can I stand out?
  2. How to make lots of $$$?

WARNING – this is not a Facebook trip, or Twitter frenzy, or Gossip toilet. This is LIFE. If you are not in a “thinking” mood, close this article NOW. Skimmers not welcome.


How can I stand out? Is it by being different? Nope, unless you want to end up all ____ing crazy like Gaga. To stand out you have to BE yourself, and to BE yourself you have to ACCEPT yourself (not cover yourself in rotting beef )


For better or worse, you are not white… or maybe you are. You dont have a Colgate smile… or maybe you do. Curly hair, crow’s feet, wrinkle valleys… these are all part of  YOU. I wish… don’t wish, accept. I don’t like… don’t reject, embrace. Accept yourself 100 %. Not 80%. A hundred percent. By accepting your external looks, you achieve inner peace. I’m at peace with my body, are you?


Smiling is the universal human sign of happiness. A light that shines constantly when we are kids, but starts to grow dim as we get older. Nobody tells us to smile less, yet for some reason, the older we get – the less we choose to smile. Jesus once said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them; for it is to those who are childlike that the Kingdom of the Heavens belongs.”

And while having a good sense of humor helps, it is not a requirement to be happy. Being compassionate and helping others, is a great way to cultivate smiles. Acknowledging the beauty that sorrounds us (trees, stars, sunsets, animals, life, love, family) is another path to smiling. Curving those lips more often, also has its health benefits.  Smiling is the perfect drug (free & healthy) : )


When you accept yourself, you are confident. When you smile, your happiness attract others towards you. When you are confident, happy and attractivethe social world becomes your own “sandbox”. A place of limitless possibilities and connections waiting to happen.

The most important part of socializing, is being able to “listen”. In a frenzied society where everyone screams and wants to be heard, very very very few people have the ability to actually shut up and listen. And like any other art, the art of listening requires practice. (for starters, avoid “filling in” words or interrupting others in mid-sentence) A master listener not only hears the message, but also understands the messenger.

Another way to “stand out”, is to literally STAND OUT. A straight body posture shows confidence and good hygiene demonstrates you are disciplined/caring. Speaking loud and clear, denotes that you are person worth hearing. But these are just details… and NO, having 5,000 Facebook friends doesn’t count as socializing. Go out there and socialize in the real world.

How can I stand out?

  1. By being an ASS ( accepting , smiling , socializing )
  2. By turning U into Ü


Stay tuned, for next week’s – How to make lots of $$$?


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The Message Behind Music

The following is an analisis of the message behind the 10 most relevant music genres of the moment. A dauntless task with enough material to write a book, I will do my best to condense such vast information in the following post. That being said, no music style is superior to another.

Music through history

1. Classical Music: Harmony

Clearly not of actual relevance, this genre makes the list because of its long history: the oldest wind-pipe and string instruments dating back to 7000- 6,600 B.C, China. In his book Fedon, Socrates states that there are only two pure things in the world: the soul and harmony. He then states that classical music is pure harmony. No point in trying to argue agaisn´t such a wise man.

2. Traditional Folk Music: Culture

1800s. Folk, Waltz, Salsa, Merengue, etc. fall under this category. This type of music and dance are reflections of the society´s they sprouted from. They transmit the traditions, values and beat of their creators. In other words, the culture of our ancestors.

3. RnB: Festivity

1940s. RnB is short for Rhythm and Blues. This type of music sprung from the saloons, tabarets and gentlemen clubs of Lousiana (Moulin Rouge, etc.) Its beats, which are derived from African heritage, and are very contagious and danceable. They promote a festive, yet formal enviroment where social and romantic interactions are encouraged.

4. Pop: Popularity

1950s. The word ¨Pop¨ is literally an abbreviation of the word ¨popular¨. It´s the cameleon of music genres, as it tends to adopts the popular sound and music tecniques of the moment. Pop has no caracteristic sounds of its own, and is thus can only be defined by it´s goal: to be ¨popular¨.

5. Rock & Roll: Rebellion

1960s. A rebellion agaisn´t everything that opresses the human spirit: be it loneliness, authority, social conventions… It gains strength in a time where society is going through some remarkable cultural changes (the 60s). It´s a cry of the human soul wanting to be free.

6. Reggae: No Stress

1967. Sprouting from rock, reggae adds the elements of racial equality and poverty to the spirit of rebellion. This rebellion is agaisnt the system of Babylon, which opresses the common man through repetitive work.  Reggae music views ¨stress¨ as negative agent, and thus seeks to promote happy, stress-free moments.

7. Hip-Hop: Protest

1970s. Hip-hop originates in the slums of New York City, where life for the avergare poor African-american was really tough. Thus, originally hip-hop was afro-american´s way of protesting agaisn´t the violence, poverty and social inequality that sorrounded them in the 70s. From there it transformed into a music genre capable of promoting violence and sex. But heck, nobody is perfect and neither is hip-hop.

8. Indie Music: Different

1980s. The word ¨indie¨is short for independent. It originated in the early 80s when artist found the need to break the abusive grip of the big label companies had over the music industry. This group of artists was tired of having to modify their music to their contractors wishes. So they decided to strike out on their own and have provided original, innovative music ever since.

9. Reggaeton: Pleasure

Late 1980s. Reggaeton draws elements from reggae dancehall and hip-hop. While it may contain some violence, modern reggaeton is more about transmiting pleasure through dance. And, what a pleasurable dance it is. While controversial, this dance is also consentual and contrary to what some may believe: brings joy to both parties.

10. Techno: Chaos

1988. House, Trance, Electronic, Acid House… are all derivatives of Techno and thus fall under this category. This music genre is a perfect reflection of the society and lifesytle of the 21st Century. A society dominated by frentic work hours, chaotic cultural developments and lack of tranquility. A stage in human history where chaos seems to triumph over order, where ¨fate¨ is replaced by chance.

Interesting Comparisons


Classical Music/Techno: mind over body, or body over mind. Harmony and order vs. Chaos and letting go

Pop/Indie: being popular or being different.

Traditional Folk Music/Hip-Hop: reflect a society or protest agaisn´t it.

Hand in Hand

Rock & Roll/Reggea: they both rebel against opression of the human soul. (some through violence and others through peace)

Rhythm and blues/Reggaeton: they are both pleasurable music. The only difference being in their formal/explicit nature.

Same End, Different Means

Reggae/Techno: they both provide solutions to liberate stress. Reggae´s solution is slowing down our lifesytle and not following society´s speedy footsteps. On the other hand, Techno´s solution to stress is speeding up and embracing modern society´s chaotic lifesytle.


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10 Small Things that made Big Impact… Part 3

This is the third entry to a remarkable list of 10 innovations, laws and inventions that changed everyday living forever.

They appear in order of importance, with 1 being the most influential.

4th Place: Obesity as a Luxury

Thee who cometh, shall multiplieth

Or so it used to be… if we remount back to biblical times we can observe how starvation was quite common in most Middle East and European cities. Back then only the most rich and powerful men could afford enough food to actually become obese. Obesity was the by-product of endless banquets and excessive gluttony partaken by the ruling classes. This meant that the great majority of the world population in that era was either lean or unhealthily underfed.

Then came the late Renaissance (1700’s), and with it the expansion of the middle class and an increment in the amount of food available in Europe. It was during this period that a particular bizarre trend started to gain popularity in the wealthy class. Being obese became fashionable for the rich women since it was a sign of economic prosperity and abundance. Thus… obesity became sexy, as demonstrated by the countless nude paintings drawn at the time.

Fast forward a couple hundred years into the new millennium and the panorama has taken a 180 degree turn. Obesity is no longer a luxury, it’s no longer sexy, it is a health care problem. And a growing one that is, especially in the United States and the rest of the Western civilization. What once was attractive, is now unappealing. What used to be respected by all, is now a shunned by most. Its seem like the overweight/obesity rate in the USA (35%) is matched only by the starvation rate in Africa (28.2%).

Two completely different worlds.

One where people die because of excessive calories.
The other where they die due to the of lack them.

One where people fight eating.
The other where people fight to eat.


3rd Place: Pandora’s Web

Lets see which monster is the strongest...

In Greek mythology when the mistress Pandora peeked into the forbidden box all the evils spirits contained within escaped and spread across the whole earth. Thus disease, evil acts, and monsters were born.

In the modern age, when the World Wide Web was launched in 1991, all information contained inside became available to everyone and spread like a wild fire across the whole face of the Earth. And with it a new strain of viruses and monsters was born.

The World Wide Web, now more commonly referred to as the Internet, is quickly becoming the most powerful tool of communication humankind has ever known. It allows users to literally do everything they need with the simple click of a button. What started as a simple information service has evolved into a giant web of possibilities: messages, business transactions, online shopping,  movies, chatting, webcam, socializing… if you can dream it, its probably possible.

Besides being an all powerful service tool, the Internet is also an increasingly powerful social tool in today’s modern society. The Internet is without a doubt the most influential innovation social life has experienced in the last couple decades.

Want to date but don’t got time: go to EHarmony

Want stay keep in contact with friends all over the world: Skype is the tool for you

Want to buy something: place your bid in Ebay

Want to find anything: Google it

The list simply goes on and on and on and on… and so does the the amount of hours new generations spend fulfilling their every desire online. Unfortunately the Internet has also dark side to it… it can serves as a portal where one can get away with extremely undignified transactions and propaganda… and worst of all, an excuse for a girl to give you her Facebook account instead of her number.


Don’t miss the countdown finale next week Friday, Semptember 3.

Till then… have a good night!!


It is sad how unbalanced the world we live in is. Where there are only extremes, no in-between. Isnt it crazy how people can fight hunger for two completly different reasons. looks and poverty.

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