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Sometimes by working too much, we forget the things that matter the most

  1. Family & Friends
  2. Mother Nature
  3. The Community

This is my first official “short-film” that I did, with the help of my famiy, for the Possible Future’s Film Contest. Hope you enjoy it!! And if you do, don’t forget to vote for it by clicking the link below.


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The Elder Paradox

“As I am now, you soon shall be.”

A timeless quote about our brief existence… If old people wandering through the streets like lost souls makes you sad, shouldn´t you be even sadder that one day that lost soul might be you?

That one day, you might stumble upon what used to be blessing… but is now a curse. That instead of being respected, admired, looked after, when you get old your mere existence becomes a burden. A burden to society. A burden to your family. A burden fewer, fewer people are willing to carry.

Vincent Van Gogh - 1890

Something that moves, but can barely see. Something that talks, but is barely heard. Something that feels, but barely feels living. Growing old is truly is a burden to the human spirit…  A burden that no man should have to carry alone.

Like expensive cellphones, elders used to be revered because they were scarce. And much like the Motorolla Razor, once elders started showing up everywhere, people lost interest in them. Are we that shallow?

Mankind made leap forward in the field of medicine this last century.  A huge leap. A leap that hasn´t yet landed.  A leap that doubles the average life of a human being and fills up ours streets with elders. Aren´t we going to take resposibility for the consequences of our actions?

Pointless... isn´t it?

An elder with no loved ones… is like a pilgrim trapped in a paradox staircase. He can walk all he want, but he won´t get anywhere. His soul is trapped in the building or street of yesterday. And so time passes and nothing happens… until one day the soul sits down. Sits down tired of roaming pointlessly about. Sits down to watch the river of time and no longer swim. And so time passes… and now all he wants to do is remain underwater.

Grim… yes. True as well. For millions of elders nowadays life is just that… an uphill routine that only finds rest over the edge. Ideally, the community should be the one taking care of them. Take care of them by incorporating elder care in their social work; promote everyday citizens to share a couple of hours a week with these lost souls.

But since we are not in ideal world, it´s really our duty… no, our obligation as family members to take care of them. If you are not big with helping strangers, then at least focus on your own elderly relatives. Make sure they feel loved, not lost…. Make sure they feel at home, even if they live in retirement.

All this came to my mind

As I watched that old man with sunglasses. Watched him cross the street and nearly get run over by a frenzied car. Saw him jerk in fright from the honks and screams of a maniac. Sat with him at the bus station. And after a full minute of trying, watched how he couldn´t even read his own watch.


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Chile Miners – Final Liberation of Men

Ahhhh…. A wave of joy sweeps the nation of Chile as the end of the rescue operations is within sight. Rescue experts on-site report that the extraction of the trapped men will commence this next Wednesday, October 10. So as the miners and their families celebrate their impending liberation, one can’t help but feel relief… Relief that an impending tragedy was avoided. That 33 men will soon be cleansed by the light of day and bathed by the tears of their loved ones.

What a story….

33 trapped men…living underground for more than 2 months… finally seeing the end of tunnel… soon to be free

Mankind… living under repression for more than 2 milleniums… finally seeing the end of tunnel… still waiting to be free


Repression… be it political, economic, religious, criminal, or communicational… is never justified. It’s never right. And it has only served to impede our eternal march towards freedom. A march that has taken countles lives, hit many dead-ends and is still far from over.

As of today,

2 out of 3 humans still live in repressive goverments. (66%)

1 out of 4 humans live in extreme poverty (28%)

So I direct my word not to the victims, but to the executioners

———— October 10, 2010 ———–

Dear Repression,

Would you be so kind as to listen to words of my fellow men? For every mouth you seal, two more will shout out.

Will you take full responsibility for the damages done to our planet? For every spill, millions of animals you kill.

Can you respect our individual beliefs? For humans have minds of their own and can’t be ruled like ants or bees.

How can you spill your brother’s blood? When in the end… family is all we got.

When are you going to set us free? Maybe never… from what I see.

Signed —- PR MAN WITH US ————————-

With so many catasthrophes ocurring worldwide, I am glad that families all over Chile will be able to celebrate Wednesday night with their loved ones.

33 is the number of trapped miners soon to be freed.

33% is the amount of us closer to the exit.

And if this rescue has taught me something, it’s that we can’t forget about the other sixty six.


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