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Sometimes by working too much, we forget the things that matter the most

  1. Family & Friends
  2. Mother Nature
  3. The Community

This is my first official “short-film” that I did, with the help of my famiy, for the Possible Future’s Film Contest. Hope you enjoy it!! And if you do, don’t forget to vote for it by clicking the link below.


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How to make lots of $$$?

The million dollar question that is on everyone´s mind, because lets be real, WHO doesn´t want to be a millionaire?

I present to you, a simple solution to this very complex question:

Ways to earn money

  1. Fast-lane jobs
  2. Chance/Luck
  3. Work

Fast-lane jobs(Star athletes, Wall Street…) are only available to small portion of us mortal beings. FAST earnings usually induce BIG spending, which in turn leads many star athletes and Wall Street workers in Bankruptcy Alley. (Tyson and company)

Chance/Luck(Inventors, lottery winners, heirs) only a very small portion of inventions are profitable (1%). And most of us aren’t born into rich families. Then again, there always the possibility that Luck will come knocking on your door (Zuckerberg & Facebook)…. or of you winning the lottery. But keep in mind that for every 1 lucky winner, there are 99 unlucky losers.

Work: the least glamorous path to success, but by far, the most secure option available to the average citizen. I will focus my article on this path to success. My advice: keep your door open to Luck, but also work hard, just in case Luck never comes.

A Simple Truth

  • Money ———> Material Power
  • Inner Power ———> Money

So if you want material power but don’t have money, the first step is to work on your inner power. And by inner power, I mean your inner-self.

Whats the answer to achieving Inner Power?

– Scroll down and read the title of the entry below –

That’s right.

It’s that simple.

We have all heard famous quotes like “Knowledge is power” or “Knowledge will set you free”, yet most of us don’t appreciate the LIBERATING POWER behind these quotes. The majority of people choose to wander through life blindly, while holding on to a guide dog named “Themedia”.

Where is “Themedia” leading us, we don’t know. Why is “Themedia” barking, we don’t know. And sadly, most people are content to just be walking.

Another methapor.

Most people are like a pawns on the chessboard. Blindly walking forward, one step at a time. ALL of them, totally dispensable.

My question: why settle for being pawns, when we can be kings?

In Conclusion

Ancient wise men wrote their knowledge into books. These “ancient” books helped future men become wise and create more knowledge. This tradition of passing down knowledge has being going on for more than 3,000 years.

Books used to be very expensive and only available to rich, powerful men. Books are now cheap and available for all to read. Now, if you choose to only read “new” books, then you are only licking the frosting of the Knowledge cake. If you get past the frosting, and start eating THE cake, your Inner Power will grow. You will start to see.

The more Cake you eat, the farther you will see. Better eyesight equals more chances of spotting good opportunities. The more opportunities you spot, the bigger your chances of success. And with success comes money*.


* Most of the time. If not, at least you will become wise.

Wise men don’t need to be rich, in order to be happy.

And isn’t happiness, what life is really all about? **


** Or maybe, the Founding Fathers should have wrote

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Money”

“Life, Slavery and the pursuit of Sex”

“Vice, Liberty and the pursuit of Fame”

“Life, Liberty and the avoidance of Work”

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A Spark in the Middle East

A wildfire has spread across the Middle East and Northern Africa. The flames of protest have raged on and now engulf over 15 countries. The smoke rising from the cities of Benghazi and Tripoli saturate the diplomatic airwaves. Two governments have been overthrown. And a third one is tittering on the brink of collapse.

But we all know this. We have seen the news reporters babbling non-stop in their usual fashion. What few of us know though is… how did the massive protests start? Literally, what spark ignited this whole conflict?

The spark of a Bic Lighter.

That´s right. All it took for these protests to erupt was a lighter, two cans of paint thinner and a man with nothing to lose. A single man, Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself on fire and inspired millions to rebel.

Through out history, man has often fought for freedom.
But are we, modern Westerners, willing to die for it?

—- Here is a scenario —-

Imagine you were Mohamed Bouazizi. Now suppose an angel came forth to you Bible-style and told you ¨Set yourself on fire, and your whole country shall be free¨. Would you be willing set yourself on fire, and like Mohamed Bouazizi, suffer the most painful death imaginable?

We, Westerners often label muslims as ¨radicals¨.
While we, on the other hand, are ¨rational¨.

Well. Here is what a rational Mohamed Bouazizi would have done: He would have appealed the confiscation of his property to a corrupt government, only to be ignored. Facing amounting debts, he would have fallen into a depression. Tired of living, and thinking life is pointless, Mohamed would have OD´ed himself on Aspirins. No massive protests in Tunisia and elsewhere. End of story.

Morale of the story: one can´t always be rational when facing injustice, corruption or tyranny. When something isn´t right, it´s the citizens job to change it. To take action. The Founding Fathers were viewed as radicals by the British Empire. The First French Republic was viewed as radical by the rest of the European countries.

Black - Revolution ------ Green/Tan - Major Protests

It is this radical ¨muslim¨ spirit, steaming from necessity and lack of freedom, which has overthrown both the Egyptian and Tunisian governments.

We in first-world countries on the other hand:

  • have food on our tables
  • have a decent amount of freedom
  • and thus, no need for radical spirit

The radical spirit in US and European citizens has been dormant since the end of WWII. Instead of radical, we act more “rationally”. This rational spirit is good for government stability, but taken to the extreme can lead to a conformist society.
And a conformist society is bad. Conformity stalls economic development, limits professional creativity and helps incompetent politicians (GWB) rise to power.

We, as free people, have to make sure we never lose our radical spirit. We must retain our ability to stand up and march radically against any threat to our basic human rights. We must defend our freedom of speech. And to those who say “one man can’t make a difference”.

Tell that to Ghandi.
Tell that to Martin Luther King.
Tell that to Mohamed Bouazizi.

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Wikileaks Scandal – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The publication of 250,000 US diplomatic cables last week by Wikileaks.com has caused quite a scandal in both the US and International community. While the legality/morality/goal of such action is dubious, the fact of the matter is that the information is out there and can’t be taken back. That being said, before taking sides on the issue (freedom of speech vs. Assange terrorist), lets analize the effects of such publication:

The Good

  • Like the Pentagon Papers (Vietnam) and the Watergate Scandal, some of the cables published reveal corrupt and inmoral US goverment operations. Operations that our democratic  govermentof should never have to endorse.

1. Hillary Clinton ordered a spy operation on UN leadership. The US diplomats were asked to obtain DNA samples, adresses, credit card numbers, phone numbers, tax and pager numbers and EVEN computer passwords from top UN members. Such operation is a blatant infringement of UN laws and individual privacy.

2. The oil company Shell admits to have infiltrated the Nigerian goverment at all levels. To such an extent that a Shell executive boasted that they know exactly everything that goes on within the Nigerian ministries. Such capitalistic, corrupt infiltration of a goverment is clearly anything but “democratic” or ethical.

  • The publication of the cables also brought to light the high level of corruption, bribery, criminal dealings of the current Russian goverment. Now its up to the russian population to take action (if they can) and try to reform such a obscure goverment procedures.

The Bad

  • Some of the cables published couldn’t have come at a worse time. A time where the economy is bad, the Middle East is unstable and North Korea is highely agressive.
  1. By revealing that China is progessively withdrawing its support to North Korea, the north koreans will feel threatened to lose its biggest patron and thus seek to further distabilize the Korean region.
  2. By revealing that US is backed by many Arab countries in its attempt to contain Iran’s influence/nuclear proliferation; expect the already-radical Iranian president to turn even more radical.
  3. By revealing the weakness or corruption of many African presidents, the publication has put the continent’s stability at test.
  • Also, USA’s political credibility has been weakened worldwide.

The Ugly

  • Several cables revealed that behind the deities of the Saudi Arabian royalty, there are parties that include alcohol, strippers and drugs. Have only two words to say on the matter – PARTY POOPER.
  • The US goverment’s response of prosecuting and shutting down Internet sites goes agaisnt the ideal of freedom of speech. Such action has only made the USA look undemocratic, like China.
  • If people of the likes of Julian Assange can hack into Pentagon archives and shutdown Visa.com; imagine how easily they could steal our passwords and other personal digital information.


While unmasking corruption and inmoral actions is always justified (Vietnam, Watergate, in this case the corruption of Nigeria and American espionage in the United Nations) I believe the problem lies not in the action, but in the indiscriminate manner such information was made public. A responsible person would have taken the time to actually skim through the cables and publish that which is useful for society. The data which helps foment human relations.

What is Julian Assange seeking to gain by publishing “provoking” personal correspondence of US diplomats? (such as the one Hillay Clinton states that the Argetinian president seems “mentally unstable” or another that describes Nicolas Sarkozy as “impatient and undiplomatic”) Does this type of personal correspondence help the international community in any way? Or does it merely seek to obtain notoriety and spark bitterness between world leaders?

Just like you wouldn’t inform a patient in intensive care that his parents have just suffered a horrible death; when revealing secrets one has to take the timing and possible consequences into account. In this case, some of the cables published about Iran and North Korea seem more likely to trigger violence than “enlightment” or “transparency”. So while I wouldn´t call Julian Assange a criminal, I would definitely label some of his actions as unthoughtful.

And as for the US goverment, instead of trying to control the release of information (which is impossible), your efforts would be better spent in figuring out ways to better protect secrets so they doesn’t get “stolen” in the first place.


For more information, The Guardian has developed a detailed interface/map of the 250,000 cables

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Chile Miners – Final Liberation of Men

Ahhhh…. A wave of joy sweeps the nation of Chile as the end of the rescue operations is within sight. Rescue experts on-site report that the extraction of the trapped men will commence this next Wednesday, October 10. So as the miners and their families celebrate their impending liberation, one can’t help but feel relief… Relief that an impending tragedy was avoided. That 33 men will soon be cleansed by the light of day and bathed by the tears of their loved ones.

What a story….

33 trapped men…living underground for more than 2 months… finally seeing the end of tunnel… soon to be free

Mankind… living under repression for more than 2 milleniums… finally seeing the end of tunnel… still waiting to be free


Repression… be it political, economic, religious, criminal, or communicational… is never justified. It’s never right. And it has only served to impede our eternal march towards freedom. A march that has taken countles lives, hit many dead-ends and is still far from over.

As of today,

2 out of 3 humans still live in repressive goverments. (66%)

1 out of 4 humans live in extreme poverty (28%)

So I direct my word not to the victims, but to the executioners

———— October 10, 2010 ———–

Dear Repression,

Would you be so kind as to listen to words of my fellow men? For every mouth you seal, two more will shout out.

Will you take full responsibility for the damages done to our planet? For every spill, millions of animals you kill.

Can you respect our individual beliefs? For humans have minds of their own and can’t be ruled like ants or bees.

How can you spill your brother’s blood? When in the end… family is all we got.

When are you going to set us free? Maybe never… from what I see.

Signed —- PR MAN WITH US ————————-

With so many catasthrophes ocurring worldwide, I am glad that families all over Chile will be able to celebrate Wednesday night with their loved ones.

33 is the number of trapped miners soon to be freed.

33% is the amount of us closer to the exit.

And if this rescue has taught me something, it’s that we can’t forget about the other sixty six.


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