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Political Parties: an Unnecessary Evil

Why eliminating political parties is a big step towards a brighter tomorrow.

First off… has there been a democracy without political parties?

Yes, the United States of America (1789 – 1797) During his two terms as President, George Washington didn’t approve the foundation of political parties.


Well, the Father of the USA believed that the creation of political parties would inevitably lead to the birth of party interest.

What’s wrong with party interests?

That in the proccess of decision-making, politicians often overlook the interests of the country, in favor of the interests of their own political party. In other words, what used to be:

“Governnment of the people, by the people, for the people”

is now

“Government of the people, by the people, for the party”.

Priorities of a political party

  1. Winning votes.
  2. Working on re-election.
  3. Defending party interests.
  4. Solving the nation’s problem.

So we, as a people, complain. We look all around us and say “Why the #$% aren’t things being done to clean up this financial mess? Later, when we are tired of complaining, we kick back and turn on the TV.

There, a CNN reporter is evaluating the financial crisis: “Well Tom, it looks like the US debt is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down.”

Then some “expert” comes on and says “Another month goes by, and no real measures are taken to tackle the economic crisis. Both Democrats and Republicans seem unwilling to compromise and take politically incorrect decisions.” We have all heard the term “politically incorrect”…

What does “politically incorrect” mean?

A “politically incorrect” decision, is a decision that is unfavorable for a political party (results in the loss of votes or support).  What is good for the party can be harmful for the country (and vice versa). Thus, important decisions that should be taken NOW – are delayed undefinetly. Because solving the problems of the nation is priority # 4, not priority #1.

In conclusion

The financial crisis will not be solved, until either:

  1. A political party makes a politically incorrect decision. (fat chance)
  2. We eliminate political parties

We, as a people, must ask ourselves:

What is more important:

Protecting our political party?


Protecting our nation’s future?


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The 25 Billion Dollar Hoax

The story about how 50 men staged the biggest hoax mankind will ever know. Before reading this post I would recommend reading last week´s – Possibly the Biggest Hoax in History, the background argument for this story.

So it begins…

January 11, 1969

Phone call from the CIA director Mr.Cushman to President Nixon

Mr. President. My board just evaluated NASA´s last report on the Apollo Program… the moon landing is not going to happen, at least not in this decade. Taking men to space – that NASA can do. But landing and extracting persons from the Moon is not possible at this moment. There are just too many risks, unsolvable variables and technical flaws. The 25 billion dollar fund is there, NASA just cant´t deliver the results…. Do we have your permission to initiate Operation Artemis?

January 13 , 1969

Phone call from President Nixon to General Westmoreland

General, an envelope containing the details of a future operation has been sent to your office. The information is highly classified and for your eyes only. Once you have read the briefing, dispose of the envelope and all it´s contents. A paper trail is never to exist, all proceedings must be carried out through personal contact, do I make myself clear?

January 14, 1969

Conversation from General Westmoreland to Colonel Smith

Conolel Smith, you are to seal all-access to the underground facilities of your base. Nobody, except the 20 selected officers for this operation gets in or out. Any irregularities in conduct must be dealt with accordingly. This is matter of national security, and defection will not be tolerated at any level. Our boys on Vietnam would really appreciate having the media off their backs for a couple days. And besides, we can´t let the commie bastards beat us to the Moon.

January 18, 1969

Conversation from Colonel Smith to the 20 elder officers

The task at hand is big: we must build the surface of the Moon. And we must do it in 5 months. Remember you have taken an oath to serve your country. You have also taken an oath of secrecy concerning all details regarding this operation. An oath that must follow you all the way to the grave. For your service and discretion you will be rewarded plentifully. But, if so much as a word slips out of these concrete walls, it will be your last. Do I make myself clear?

March 16, 1969

Conversation from Secretary of State Rogers to Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas, you will be appointed as the new Director of NASA. Seven men from our armed forces have been assigned to aid you in this operation. As soon as you take office, you are to make a public announcement of the upcoming moon landing. But more importantly, your priority must be convincing the rest of the staff at NASA that a moon landing is indeed possible. A team of experts has already been assigned to convert the current Air Force computer simulation program into a spacecraft simulator. If you are discreet and do a good job, you will be rewarded plentifully. However, should your cover be blown, the US government will deny any involvement in this affair and you will be prosecuted as an Enemy of the State.

March 21, 1969

Conversation from Director Thomas to his seven assistants

Fellow patriots. We must always keep in mind that we are performing an honorable service for our country. President Kennedy once made a promise to the American people, that we would get Man on the Moon before the end of the decade. We shall honor his memory, by keeping that promise. As for the operation, a manned spacecraft will be launched. A module will land on the Moon. But no men shall be aboard the module. The night before the moon landing, we must activate the computer simulation program at Launch Control Center.  We must also smuggle the negatives of the ¨landing film¨ into the spacecraft before it´s departure. The Army has supplied us with moon rock from Antartica, which we must insert into the cargo bay…. If we succeed, Fortune shall smile on each and every one of us. Rest be assured, failure is not an option. Do you understand?

March 31, 1969

Secure-line phone call from President Nixon to Neil Armstrong

This is the President speaking. Neil Alden Armstrong, I have been informed that you are the kind of man that would do anything for their country.

As Commander in Chief, I must ask you: is this true?

Would you be interested in bringing hope and glory to the hearts of millions of Americans worldwide?

Would you be willing to make history, have your name printed on every textbook as the first man to officially walk on the moon?

——————————————————————————— THE END

Again, this is a WHAT-IF story: about how I imagine things would have gone down IF man never really landed on the Moon.

It´s easy to see why only around 50 people  would be allowed on the secret ——– ( CIA 5 , Goverment 3 , Army 22 , NASA 8, Astronauts 12) The smaller the number of participants, the least likely the hoax would ever be revealed.

I also believe that if said conspiracy were to be true, it would have not been done for lucrative purposes: rather it would have been carried out to

  1. Beat the Soviet Union in the Space Race
  2. Distract the American public from rawness of the Vietnam War

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Possibly the Biggest Hoax in History

Again – possibly.

Personally, I believe most conspiracy theories are just that: theories. As such, I would like to approach this theory using only common sense. No forged images, scientific language or crazy talk. Just good old English.

I believe Man has not landed on the Moon.

If you are pondering wheter to finish reading this article or not: that’s good. That’s means your brain is  still in action and you are not close-minded.

Warning: this image has been tampered with

That being said, here is the foremost reason I believe this theory:

– In 38 years, Man has not returned to the Moon.

Apollo 17, the sixth and last moon landing mission, took place December 1972. Since then, no other space program has landed men on the Moon. The are several official explanations for this. For example: the “space fever” has passed and no country is interested in going to the Moon since  NASA already did.

I ask you this: if your neighbor went to the Super Bowl and later tells you he had a blast, wouldn’t you be interested in going to experience the Super Bowl yourself?

Another explanation: going to the moon is too costly.

  • Tell that to the Chinese goverment.
  • China spent more than $25 billion in the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Taking inflation into account, NASA spent $4.5 billion per space mission. (A total of $ 146 billion for 32 space mission of Apollo Program)

If I was the Chinese Prime Minister, $4.5 billion for putting China on the Moon would be a kick-ass deal. (A moral stimulant for the Chinese population would be reason enough, not to mention elevating a nation’s pride and glory)

The only way to truly debunk the theory: make another moon landing. Solo let’s analize the next moonlanding mission on NASA’s schedule.

Constellation Programme, put into action by the Bush administration in 2003, proposed to put Man back on the Moon by 2020. That’s 17 years of preparation to re-do something that took only 9 years back in the 60’s.

Shouldn’t  technological advances and 38 more years of experience, reduce the time it takes NASA to execute a moon landing?

Taking twice as long to re-do a moonlanding doesn’t make sense. Unless of course, the original moonlandings never took place. Oh, and by the way, the Constellation Progamme was put on hold by the Obama Administration back in February 2010. So sadly, we are not going to see Man back on the moon for quite some time. The reasons behind the cancelation of the space program:

I quote from BBC article: Obama cancels Moon return proyect

  • Critics claimed the programme was never properly funded, and when it ran into technical difficulties its time schedule also began to slip.
  • In addition to the $9bn spent on the programme to date, Nasa will have to spend a further $2.5bn to close it completely.

Lack of funds, alright. But technical difficulties? If our grandfathers had the technology to land on the Moon, we should too. Not only should we have the same technology, but NASA should have perfected it by now.

So there. No rigged pictures, scientific language or crazy talk. Just facts and an common sense. Just to be clear, I am not saying the US goverment and NASA rigged the whole operation. All I am saying is that it’s a reasonable possibility.

Maybe Man did land on the Moon. Maybe he didn´t. I´ll let you decide.


In any case, you won’t want to miss next week’s “The 25 Billion dollar Hoax“, the WHAT-IF story about how the US goverment and NASA fabricated the six Apollo moon landings.

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Bush and Obama: Dumb & Dumber?

With the recent Republican victory at the House of Representatives, will the economy finally rise from the depths?

But more importantly: Is Barack Obama running our economy to the ground?

Well lets start by taking a look at the Dow Jones, the most recognized economic indicator in the United States.

Humph… thats odd. The current economic market doesn´t look so bad. Then again, maybe the Dow Jones is influenced by the government in order to cover-up the economic blunders.

So let´s take a look at the second most prestigious economic indicator, the NASDAQ,  who follows the 5000 most powerful companies in the country.

It actually seems like the economy has been rising since Obama swore office in January 2009. Naaa.. the NASDAQ has to be wrong. We all know that the  NASDAQ doesn´t incorporate the investment market and can be dangerously speculative at times.

It´s decided, lets take a glimpse at the  S&P 500: the most represantive (realistic) index of the US market, that also incorporates the investment sector.

Well, the numbers speak for themselves: it looks like Obama isn´t so dumb after all. In two years as president, he has actually steadily increased the market value of all indicators, surpassed two indicators compared to pre-crisis US economy (2006), and gotten fairly close on the third one.

  • Dow Jones (2006/2010): 11,000/11,178
  • NASDAQ (2006/2010): 2,010/2,532
  • S&P 500 (2006/2010): 1,280/1,197

We don´t care about the markets. We want jobs and the unemployment rate is amonsgt the highest in US history. Surely President Obama is the one to blame. Well, before jumping to conclusions, lets take a closer look at the unemployment rate.

Clearly, one can observe that the rise of unemployment precedes Obama´s presidency. If anything, such unenployment crisis started in George W. Bush´s last year as president. (+ 2.7% in only ONE year) Since Obama swore office, the rate has only increased by 1.9% and appears to have been stabilized over the last year. Simply put: Bush tossed a HOT potato at Obama. Obama suffered some burns, BUT has been able to hold on to it.

So for all the politicians out there who claim that ¨the economy is worse than ever¨, that ¨unemployment is Obama´s fault¨ and that ¨change hasn´t come¨, you my political friends are either:

  • Blind
  • Dumb
  • Liars
  • Or all of the above

And finally, Why giving a majority of Congress to the Republicans is a dangerous solution, or at least, very unproductive:

Reason # 1

In the Puerto Rican elections of 2004: the red party won the executive branch and the blue party won the legislative branch. What followed were the 4 most unproductive years in the history of the Puertorican government. Why? Because anything that the ¨President¨ proposed would not be approved by Congress, and anything that Congress proposed would be vetoed by the ¨President¨…

When the legislative and executive branches of a government aren´t willing to cooperate (For instance….The Republicans, who have been agaisnt´t 99% of Obama´s policies) the result is government paralysis. And God knows, a paralized US government in the speedy socio-economical world of today… would be like signing up a turtle for the Kentucky Derby.

Reason #2

The leap has been made...

Whether we like or not… the stimulus package of billions of dollars has already been launched. We can´t take it back now. So the question is not whether we should have been launched or not, but rather ¨How can we make the best of it?

While I, and nobody for that matter, can know if Obama ´s plan will work (as its results are designed to be long-term), one thing I do know for certain: undermining the plan will only make the situation worse. Obama made a bet to obtain a better future in America, and cutting holes into the parachute carrying all our money doesn´t seem like a bright idea.

January 20, 2009 – the day CHANGE man took office. Only six months passed before the vultures started circuling him like a carcass. A year later, and the media couldn´t stop rambling on how he hadn´t ¨delivered¨ his promises.  Two years later, and already the public is withdrawing their support. We all seem to forget the joy we felt when the election results rolled in. Those brief hours were hope returned to the American spirit. But those days are long gone now.

I guess that if these last two years have taught me anything it´s this:

Negativity, Cynicism, Haste – weight more in our hearts than – Hope, Faith, Patience… to our presidents.


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