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Tears and Bob Marley

40 YEARS, 10 days ago a Legend was born.

Nesta Robert “Bob” Marley died of melonoma at the Miami University Hospital the morning of May 11, 1981. After 8 months of unsuccesfully fighting the disease at a German clinic, Bob Marley had arrived at the Miami Airport the day before. Having accepted death, Marley´s last wish was to pass away in his native island of Jamaica. His last words to his son Ziggy — ¨Money can’t buy life¨.

The legendary reggae singer is best known for happy, cheerful songs such as ¨One Love¨ , ¨I Shot the Sheriff¨, ¨Three Little Birds¨, and countless others. As part of my tribute to his music, instead of focusing on the rebel and legend known by all, I wish show a part of Bob Marley known by few.

Here is a list of litttle-known Bob Marley songs. They are sad songs from a deep soul. Its their profound sadness and reflection that gives them strength. The best way to truly understand an artist, or any person for that matter, is by knowing them in both joy and pain. In moments of happiness and sorrow. Here are the tears Bob Marley shed for love.

Send me that Lovewatch?v=0n7mjIZl3c8

Chances Arewatch?v=y49zZhNMIEk

Johnny Waswatch?v=ZMbgM8O5TjI

There She Goeswatch?v=91Fym1x2k3A

Cry To Mewatch?v=lfaprIMuUmo

High Tide or Low Tidewatch?v=0qvJE_edLxA

She’s Gonewatch?v=DMkasTMiJBI

And here is a personal favorite of mine. While it doesn’t stand out instrumentally, the words more than make up for it.

Thank You Lordwatch?v=voPE1GaKTjU


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40 a.B (after Beatles)

The Long and Winding Road from the December 31, 1970 to the present day.

A lot of things have changed since Paul McCartney filed for the dissolution of the band that cold winter afternoon. A lot of things, except one: our love for their music. From the 12 inch records of our fathers to the 12 GB pen drives of our children, The Beatles are still one of the most heard music groups of our time. And its not hard to imagine why.

Theirs is a music of love, in a time of loneliness. A message of peace in a world of war. A search of enlightenment in a empty society.

Good music fades away. Good messages are timeless. And The Beatles were masters at creating both. The fab four walked the thin line between instrument and message. The line of great music.

Here my favorite messages from my favorite group:

All the lonely people, where do they all come from. All the lonely people, where do they all belong. (Facebook, I guess) – Eleanor Rigby

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they are here to stay. Oh, I believe in yesterday. – Yesterday

Bright are the stars that shine. Dark is the sky. I know this love of mine, will never die and I love her. – And I Love Her

You are asking me will my love grow. I don´t know, I don´t know. You stick around and it may show. I don´t know, I don´t know. – Something

Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see. Its getting hard to be someone, but it all works out. It doesn’t matter much to me. – Strawberry Fields Forever

Here come the sun, here comes the sun and I say its alright. Little darling its been a long, cold lonely winter. Little darling it feels like years since its been here. Here comes the sun. – Here comes the Sun

You want her. You need her. And yet you don´t believe her when she says she no longer needs you. You think she needs you…. and in her eyes you see nothing. No sign of love behind the tears, cried for no one. A love that should have lasted years – For No One

And I will be sad if our new love was vain. So I hope you see that I would love to love you. – If I Fell

When I find myself in times of troubles Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. – Let it Be

Sounds of laughter, shades of life are ringing through my open ears. Exciting and inviting me. Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns. It calls me on and on across the universe. Nothing´s gonna change my world – Across the Universe

John Lennon – The Messenger
Paul McCartney – The Visionary
George Harrison – The Mystic
and Ringo Starr – The Lamb

They are the idols of past and present. The knights of a Queen and ambassadors amongst Kings. Rest in strawberry fields forever John. Here comes the sun George. May your music continue inspiring millions for centuries to come.

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The Message Behind Music

The following is an analisis of the message behind the 10 most relevant music genres of the moment. A dauntless task with enough material to write a book, I will do my best to condense such vast information in the following post. That being said, no music style is superior to another.

Music through history

1. Classical Music: Harmony

Clearly not of actual relevance, this genre makes the list because of its long history: the oldest wind-pipe and string instruments dating back to 7000- 6,600 B.C, China. In his book Fedon, Socrates states that there are only two pure things in the world: the soul and harmony. He then states that classical music is pure harmony. No point in trying to argue agaisn´t such a wise man.

2. Traditional Folk Music: Culture

1800s. Folk, Waltz, Salsa, Merengue, etc. fall under this category. This type of music and dance are reflections of the society´s they sprouted from. They transmit the traditions, values and beat of their creators. In other words, the culture of our ancestors.

3. RnB: Festivity

1940s. RnB is short for Rhythm and Blues. This type of music sprung from the saloons, tabarets and gentlemen clubs of Lousiana (Moulin Rouge, etc.) Its beats, which are derived from African heritage, and are very contagious and danceable. They promote a festive, yet formal enviroment where social and romantic interactions are encouraged.

4. Pop: Popularity

1950s. The word ¨Pop¨ is literally an abbreviation of the word ¨popular¨. It´s the cameleon of music genres, as it tends to adopts the popular sound and music tecniques of the moment. Pop has no caracteristic sounds of its own, and is thus can only be defined by it´s goal: to be ¨popular¨.

5. Rock & Roll: Rebellion

1960s. A rebellion agaisn´t everything that opresses the human spirit: be it loneliness, authority, social conventions… It gains strength in a time where society is going through some remarkable cultural changes (the 60s). It´s a cry of the human soul wanting to be free.

6. Reggae: No Stress

1967. Sprouting from rock, reggae adds the elements of racial equality and poverty to the spirit of rebellion. This rebellion is agaisnt the system of Babylon, which opresses the common man through repetitive work.  Reggae music views ¨stress¨ as negative agent, and thus seeks to promote happy, stress-free moments.

7. Hip-Hop: Protest

1970s. Hip-hop originates in the slums of New York City, where life for the avergare poor African-american was really tough. Thus, originally hip-hop was afro-american´s way of protesting agaisn´t the violence, poverty and social inequality that sorrounded them in the 70s. From there it transformed into a music genre capable of promoting violence and sex. But heck, nobody is perfect and neither is hip-hop.

8. Indie Music: Different

1980s. The word ¨indie¨is short for independent. It originated in the early 80s when artist found the need to break the abusive grip of the big label companies had over the music industry. This group of artists was tired of having to modify their music to their contractors wishes. So they decided to strike out on their own and have provided original, innovative music ever since.

9. Reggaeton: Pleasure

Late 1980s. Reggaeton draws elements from reggae dancehall and hip-hop. While it may contain some violence, modern reggaeton is more about transmiting pleasure through dance. And, what a pleasurable dance it is. While controversial, this dance is also consentual and contrary to what some may believe: brings joy to both parties.

10. Techno: Chaos

1988. House, Trance, Electronic, Acid House… are all derivatives of Techno and thus fall under this category. This music genre is a perfect reflection of the society and lifesytle of the 21st Century. A society dominated by frentic work hours, chaotic cultural developments and lack of tranquility. A stage in human history where chaos seems to triumph over order, where ¨fate¨ is replaced by chance.

Interesting Comparisons


Classical Music/Techno: mind over body, or body over mind. Harmony and order vs. Chaos and letting go

Pop/Indie: being popular or being different.

Traditional Folk Music/Hip-Hop: reflect a society or protest agaisn´t it.

Hand in Hand

Rock & Roll/Reggea: they both rebel against opression of the human soul. (some through violence and others through peace)

Rhythm and blues/Reggaeton: they are both pleasurable music. The only difference being in their formal/explicit nature.

Same End, Different Means

Reggae/Techno: they both provide solutions to liberate stress. Reggae´s solution is slowing down our lifesytle and not following society´s speedy footsteps. On the other hand, Techno´s solution to stress is speeding up and embracing modern society´s chaotic lifesytle.


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10 Small Things that made a Big Impact

The following is a list of 10 innovations, laws and inventions that changed everyday living forever.

They appear in order of importance, with 1 being the most influential.

10th Place: The Abundant Seas of Trash

The wastelands of the future

There was a time where the garbage man didn’t pass in front of your house, when it wasnt necessary to use plastics trash bags, where everything that was thrown to the earth would decompose and give way to new life. Sadly those times are quickly to coming to an end. With the beginning of the Industrial Revoulution in the 1800’s the amount of synthetic products sored to unpredecented heights. Then came the invention of tin cans, and more importantly the almost-indestructible “plastic”. Just take a look at your supermarket – nearly  70%  of the products there have some sort of plastic around or in them. If the 60,000,000 american families synthetic trash production is enormous, imagine the worldwide production.

Decomposition rates:

plastic bag: 20 years

plastic cup: 250 years.

plastic plate: 400 years.

thicker plastic products: 1000’s of years

9th Place: The Pocket-size Musician

Guess what God sent Jesus on his Birthday

Music has been the passion and profession of billions across history. A melody to a crying baby, a dedication to a loved one, a cure to our every day problems… the list goes on and on. Music has had as much impact in today’s society as it did back in ancient times. Platon states that his master Socrates repitedly had a dream that told him “Oh Socrates, work on composing music”. You see, Socrates believed that there was only two pure things in life: the soul and harmony – and accordingly he argued “that music was pure harmony”. Such harmony has been recorded over the last 123 years into millions of songs and melodies. Imagine the power to reproduce any music any where any time… that is the power of the MP3.

When was the last time you went for a run or travelled by air or walked through the city without an Ipod?

Might be while ago for a growing number of people in our society. Music relaxes you, makes you happy, inspires you. So it is no wonder that more and more people decide to spend their moments of solitude listening to their Mp3’s. Listening to music sparks sweet moments of tranquility where you leave all  worries behind and you are able to only focus on the present. Next time you walk through the city or university try pay attention to the percentage of people listening to their Mp3’s. The results might surprise you.

8th Place: The Unnatural Act of “holding it in”

Good Thing Big Daddy Wasn't rolled in Spain

Yep, cause the price for peeing in a public space or park is worth 250 euros in most European countries. Kind of crazy that a couple hundred years ago one could pee anywhere he wanted: from a bush in the side of the road all the way to the dark corridors of french palace of Versaille. Anywhere was a possiblity as long as one did it discreetly.

But in our society, evolution and social changes have marked certain places where the current human “should” liberate his urges. This being capable of driving a person insane at moments when one can’t find a marked zone. This rather “recent” social norm has impacted human behavior  to such a point that there are people who rather pee themselves than pee in public places.

Good thing “marked zones” exist though  because otherwise the magnitude of bad odor and bacteria would make living in giant metropolis impossible. The only problem is that… We all get emergencies people. I personally find that getting charged 250 euros (350 dollars) is a bit outrageous. Next time you pee in public space, try not to do a victory dance afterwards. = )

The rest of the countdown will be published weekly starting this next Friday 20th, August.

Till then… have a good day!!

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