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1. The 25 Billion Dollar Hoax

The story about how 50 men staged the biggest hoax mankind will ever know. Before reading this post I would recommend reading last week´s – Possibly the Biggest Hoax in History, the background argument for this story.

So it begins… click to finish reading

2. Bush and Obama: Dumb & Dumber?

With the recent Republican victory at the House of Representatives, will the economy finally rise from the depths?

But more importantly: Is Barack Obama running our economy to the ground? Well lets start by taking a look at the Dow Jones, the most recognized economic indicator in the United States.

Humph… thats odd. The current economic market doesn´t look so bad. Then again, the Dow Jones is probably  influenced… click to finish reading

3. Mexico, a Superpower?

Factors to take into consideration:

1. Mexican inmigrants don´t usually lose their closeness with Mexico.
2. Being neighbors with the USA is an economic advantage.
3. Mexicans still feel like the USA stole their northern territory.

2070 – Mexico´s economy will be in the top 10 click to finish reading

4. Highlights of the ART of WAR

The Art of War was written by a Chinese named Sun Tzu, more than 2,000 years ago. While originally conceived as a war-manual, its profound wisdom and knowledge have made the Art of War an all-time classic. Besides teaching one how to become a great leader, the Art of War also contains great advice on how to read the minds of your opponents.

That being said, here are the most memorableclick to finish reading

5. The Ego behind Facebook

To kick start the year I would like to examine 2010 Time Person of the Year, Mark Zuckelberg. Who’s the man behind Facebook, the second fastest growing company in the world? A question that is, economically at least, worth noting.

How does the 2010 movie “Social Network” portray, the then 20 year-old, founder of Facebook?

In the movie Mark Zuckelberg is portrayed as an ambitious, fearless genius. He is also displayed as a bit of an asshole. Applying my three years of psychological studies here’s what… click to finish reading

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